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Azteca provides a wide range of landscaping services to commercial and residencial clients throughout Westchester and nearby.

our services:

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Messy yard no more. Leaves, branches, dead plants and cut grass all go bye-bye.

Irrigation Systems

An economical way to keep your lawn moist and green even in the driest part of the year.

Lawn Treatments

We apply a series of 5 mineral-rich treatments to encourage growth and control weeds, crabgrass, grubs, and other bugs.


We loosen up your lawn so it doesn't compact and let the natural nutrients get to work.


Daffodils to daisies, seeds to shrubs, we make your property come alive.


We plant at the right time to keep your lawn vibrant in all growing seasons.


We keep the edges neat and tidy to impress your guests.


Keep your trees and bushes tidy and your guests safe from limbs and sticky branches.


By hand, we take out the bad growth so that your lawn grows green and full.

Debris Removal

Mother Nature can leave a mess. We take it all away--anything that clutters up the yard.

Gutter Clean Up

Stuff gets stuck up there. We take it out so that your rooftop drains completely and cleanly.


We catch anything that grows between the cracks, so your patio looks neat and clean.

Stone Work

We make sure the stone and lawn blend into one beautiful mosaic.

Much More

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